JPJ Number Plate Statistics

JPJ Number Plate Statistics

[UPDATED ON 13 AUG 2010]
I would like to proudly, announce my latest pet project to the public. I have been spending my time over the last 1 month developing it.

I would call it as JPJ Number Plate Statistics or rather just myPlateStats as long as you can get what it supposed to mean.

Here’s what to expect…

Sample: Overall vehicle registration chart for MalaysiaSample: Vehicle Regisstration Chart for Perak

Head on and have a look now!

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  • Lasker

    Hey, this looks good …
    You use Open Flash Chart? Is it free ah? Legally free, I mean ..
    Tell me moreeee … :whee:

  • Hugo Lim

    Lasker: waaaaaa ^:)^ 8mins after I published only you sudah bagi comment! :D saluteee :whee: also

    ahahaha yeahh… actually I tried on Google chart first before venturing into a few more alternatives. Finally I settled on this Open Flash Chart lah. It is open source and totally free!

    Major drawback on google’s is that because we are making http request to their server everything we need to display out graphs, that consume their bandwidth thus they MUST limit the size of graph generated. :|

    that’s would ‘kill’ me from generating good big charts like what I can show over here now. :P

  • deyan

    oh dude, this is fantastic B-)
    looks cool but how you obtained the data? from JPJ website… =))

  • Hugo Lim

    deyan: Harouuuu :D hehehe.. yeah, from JPJ website. B-)
    More to come, more to come, stay tuned :D
    I’ll explain in detail on how I did all this in future posts soon :D

  • Masood

    is there anyway to know the registration year of vehicle by knowing the first 3 character of vehivle plate number ?for example WPV . we know first one ( W ) stands for Kuala Lumpur . how about P and V ? Do they have any meaning ?

  • Anonymous

    Hi there, myPlateStats does not have such feature yet but nevertheless its a very good suggestion from you. As for the first alphabet, it is the prefix for the states in the peninsular. Read more at wikipedia at