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zenphotoprecacheThis website and domains hosted under the same hosting package was brought down for about 24 hours since yesterday’s 3pm. One hell single push of button leads to CPU overloading (as claimed by the hosting company) and got my account suspended.

(Even though my hosting company server is running on quad core with plenty of memory to spare, they are very stingy and strict about CPU time consumption, a little spike for a little prolonged period would trigger suspension of account!)

Here’s a short introduction of Zenphoto.

Zenphoto is an online photo gallery application designed to be “a simpler web photo album.” It includes dynamic image processing, folder-based albums, editable titles and descriptions powered by AJAX, comments, themes, online uploads, and simple image management.

Source: Wikipedia

I was thinking of making image loading faster by Pre-caching Images, a function that is found inside the Zenphoto admin panel. My cache folder was empty at that time and executing such action would result in creating thumbnails and resized images for more than 2 thousands photos (more than 1GB) in my entire album folder! Now, that’s something really CPU time and memory consuming!

Here’s something I found from Zenphoto’s official site.

Zenphoto was designed to lazy-load images to allow a gallery of unlimited size while still allowing viewing any image at any time regardless of whether it has been processed or not. It does it on the fly. It was not designed to process them all at once, the pre-caching was a hack that was added on later. The following diagram shows the process:


Better to leave them be, let the gallery work as it is, and process them when they’re first requested. For users, this will mean a very slight delay the first time an image is *ever* viewed, and absolutely none after that. This is how Zenphoto is designed to work, and we think how it works best. No need to pre-cache anything, just quit worrying about the initial lag from the first processing, it only happens once.

Source: Zenphoto

My fury hosting company warned me not to overload their server again or I’ll suffer from 3 days account suspension!


Zenphoto works absolutely fine, let it cache images by itself!

  • Lasker

    Good to know good to know … new lesson for people hosting in stingy hosting companies :)

  • Hugo Lim

    they are running 4 coressss summore swtttt =.=

    if… if only i have 2MB uplink line!!! i kaki host better!