Touch N Go – check your transactions

Touch N Go – check your transactions

Access your spending

Register your Touch N Go card to view your transactions

Register your Touch N Go card to view your transactions

Do you know that you can actually access your card’s transactions statement online? You can do it by first registering your card then after approval, woolah!

You may access the login and registration page at

We will be able to view our transactions for the past 3 months.

Card expiry

And also, Touch N Go card has lifespan of 10 years only. I’m not sure if this is one of ways to make more profit or is it for security reason. But, anyway, you can check your card expiry at

  • DavidT

    Your blog is quite nice and neat but just lack of update cuz normally i will visit the blog that will update frequently!
    cant leave in ur quick message box as it always appear ‘the connection was reset’.

  • Hugo Lim

    thanksss ahhh for your support all this while! ill try to update more often… run out of memory juice at times.. hahah.. cheers!

  • meya

    how to check my touch n go balance?

  • Theanbl

    why i cant log in my id?

  • chong sew lin

    how can i see my redeem points..?please advice now

  • jceen

    how to print my tough n go resit

  • casey ng

    Why i cant login estatement ?

  • Angie Lim Sey Jin

    I just purchase smart tag tis am at Batu Tiga shah alam toll..take note todsy is
    27 NOV 2012… but i Receive REceipt dd. 11 OCT 2012….FOR RM120.00
    THIS CORRUPTION? easy way of making extra income…

  • nora tracy

    I’m sad to face 2nd time my TOUCH N GO card where money keep missing (stolen) from my card….1st time 6year’s ago bila mana saya tak pernah guna ltr at midvalley dan juga mana2 shopping centre touch n go staff come to my place saying that was under a chinese guy name n took the card n replace with a new one….Last used at Sg Ramal toll on 6/2/13 wedday n the balance was around rm30 plus……so when over to bangsar village maybank atm trying to top up more since i’ll be going to Penang on sunday, terkejut apa bila the atm show that is 00.00 in my card.that was around 1.30pm n i call toll free guess what office is close…..have to wait till after the holiday before I could fine out what happen SAD SAD SAD SAD RIP OFF THAT WHAT I FEEL.


    Mcm mn nk print resit penggunaan

  • baker


  • baker

    how can i print out the resit