P1 Wimax heat! Lu Sudah Potong Liao Boi

P1 Wimax heat! Lu Sudah Potong Liao Boi


No doubt about it! When the “have you cut yet?” series of advertisements hit the street, it surely has created just a buzz in the broadband market here in Malaysia. The ads are amusing and entertaining!

Before knowing what the ads are all about, one must be thinking “Why the heck you ask everyone to go sunat!!!???”

Of course, the major (monopolized) broadband player, Streamyx strikes back after a while.

P1 is now Oversubscribed and Complaints are mounting

And thanks to P1 Wimax’s great marketing skill. I believe that they have been overselling broadband services, far exceeding their actual capability. There are lots of complaints being lodged at Low Yat Forum recently. Here’s just a few of them.

come on la P1..i pay every month..
then provide good service la..
i hardly earn the money..
and you guys easily took it by providing bad service..
please respect your customer..
i hate on using harsh words..
but the thing is… i just FED UP with the connection…
please use your brain and think if you subscribe for bad service..
what do you feel…?
will you just pay for that bad service??
will you just keep silent??
please la..i am tired of being in this situation..
i just want you guys to IMPROVE the service..
use OUR MONEY that you guys get every month to enhance your service.


Quoted from tartputat

And this user needs to use Celcom’s broadband just to do a posting.

Here i have exactly the same problem as lot of P1 Wimax subscriber. The problem is super slow internet speed for 24/7. U can see in my signature below this speed only happened on my 1st week subscription. Then now after almost 7 months of subscription it as night mare for me pay almost rm100/month for speed around 200kbps and this happened for 24/7. For your information I subscribed for 1.2Mbps @ Rm99/month. Only god know how my feeling now. Want to terminate this account but i have contract for 2 years. Now to add this reply also i need to use my backup celcom 384kbps broadband. Pls do something… if u need my details pls pm me. I think P1 Wimax already over subscribed. The P1 tower now can’t handle for its over subscribed customer.
Quoted from mjoe

And how is it compares to 56kbps PSTN line?

have the same problem yesterday midnight…1:30am onwards the line is not responding at all, able to open my gmaill page in 15 mins…(u know, login and go to my shower then come back, the page only show rclxub.gif ) Remind me the worst time during my 56kbps generation…. well this time is worst than that moment
Quoted from taitianhin

And some users decided to fork out extra money to subscribe to another broadband service as backup when P1 Wimax is down.

Now my P1 totally out of service.. freaking slow and always stuck there even google page also!
I have no idea now.. so just purchase another prepaid broadband for temporary use!
Quoted from chung5576

Be sure that you understand the contract before ‘cutting‘ yourself. Inviting troubles and wasting money. Read the fine print in the contract. Here’s some points that you need to take note.

7.10. In the event the Subscriber terminates the Service provided after the seven (7) days
in the COP policy, Subscriber agrees and understand that the Device need not be
returned to Service Provider and Subscriber agrees to pay the sum of Ringgit
Malaysia Nine Hundred Ninety Nine (RM999.00) only being the early termination fee
as per Clause 12.1 hereto.

12.1. In the event the Subscriber wishes to terminate early/cancel the services, the
Subscriber is required to execute a Service Termination Form and forward the
same to the Service Provider by hand, postal mail, email or fax together with the
sum of Ringgit Malaysia Nine Hundred Ninety Nine (RM999.00) being the
cancellation and early termination fee

16.2. Subscriber may terminate any Service upon providing thirty (30) days written notice
to Service Provider subject to the Subscriber remains liable to pay all fees, costs
and charges
due to the Service Provider prior to the termination date and the early
termination fee as stated in Clause 12.1 above.

16.3. Notwithstanding the termination by Service Provider pursuant to Clause 16.1,
Subscriber shall remain liable for all fees due and owing to Service Provider during
the subsistence of this Agreement. Such termination shall not prejudice the right of
Service Provider to recover all charges, costs and interest due and any other
incidental damages incurred

16.4. Service Provider shall not be liable to Subscriber for any claim for damages or costs
of any nature whatsoever arising out of discontinuance of the Service due to the
termination or expiration of any Service or these Terms in accordance with its term
including but not limited to any claim for loss of profits or prospective profits or for
anticipated loss.

Taken from P1 W1MAX Terms and Conditions

So, if you have already subscribed to the service and screaming like hell now. Try to lodge a complaint at the authorities like FOMCA, Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM).

If you terminate your contract prematurely, you will need to pay certain penalty fees as what I understood from the agreement. Complication.

So, you still wanna potong?

PS: I’m a proud Streamyx user. I’m getting the maximum speed as said in my package plan although it does gets to my nerve sometimes. Very rarely.

  • http://www.jayceooi.com Jayce

    P1 does not have coverage at my place. How to cut?

  • http://www.hugolim.com Hugo Lim

    Hhahahahahaha…. use scissor cut your phone line yourself.. thanks for commenting!

  • http://www.daisycave.com Anston_KL

    Haha… if i “Potong” oso got nothing to “Sambung” ler, *headache*

    Really hope tat there will be a new competition in this service, but seems like will end up like a mess.

    Malaysia Boleh, Memang Boleh…

  • http://www.hugolim.com Hugo Lim

    Hahah! In the end it all ended in mess! Correct!

    Malaysia in total have 112,000Mbps (TMNet) for international traffic. And most of the ISPs actually sharing this same bandwidths.

    There are 1,368,900 broadband subscribers as of Mar.31/08, per ITU.

    This translates to 0.08Mbps per broadband user.

    If we include total internet users of 16,902,600 in the country. That’s 0.0066Mbps (6.78Kbps) per user!

    Go figure!

    More reading





  • http://jjzai.blogspot.com/ JJ

    Digi Broadband lar.

  • http://www.facebook.com/p1wimax P1 Buddy

    Hi There,

    I’m from P1 social media team i really would like to help you out in regards towards your matter.

    Could you please provide me your a/c number for further investigation / drop us a email to talktous@p1.com.my


    best Regards,

    p1 buddy

  • http://www.hugolim.com Hugo Lim

    Hahah! =)

  • http://www.hugolim.com Hugo Lim

    Hey there! Thanks for your great exposure out there helping out the people, I do not actually own a P1 wimax account but once considering one.

    Good luck!

    To the p1 users, you may submit your questions at http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/985305 too!

  • FQ

    I was in the midst of choosing which broadband should I get for myself. I had made my own studies and talked to close friends and family who are using P1, Digi, Maxis and Celcom wireless broadband. I am very happy with what I had chosen now. My own findings:

    Celcom – the higher floors (office building) you go up, the slower it gets. Even unconnected at all! I had also tried at Ground level inside Astro building…I waited 30mins cant even upload google page.

    Digi – Damn fast and cheap package! but, not all area have coverage. Also it is still new, not much subscribers…later after a month..??? I don’t know…..

    P1 Wimax – First 3 months…super fast!!! But not after the 4th month onwards…if you dont trust me, go ahead subscribe it and see yourself! Also, every friday and saturday nights damn slow. Even many users online those nights but why other broadband much faster during fri and sat nights?

    So, now you all know by now which did I chosed and why…..I dont have to tell you guys. All the best.

  • http://www.hugolim.com Hugo Lim

    Thanks for your comment here mate =)

    Glad you made a good choice and reviewing them around first!

  • Joshie

    this is what i get from P1 Wimax when i first subscribed in August 2009, it was blazing fast but only to realize it was all a false promise land after the trial period ended up, the speed was mediocre and from what i notice only the 1st day of every month will the speed be good,other then that it sucks so hard on every other days that it makes Streamyx look like an unmerited winner.

    that’s not all, P1 give u the 20gb threshold is not for download only but dl and ul.that means once u reach 20gb for download and upload,your speed will slow down to 300-500kbps not like what they say 700kbps. this is utter bullshit, you’ll only see 700kbps restored nearly at the end of the month. so basically to sum it up,you only enjoy P1 real speed only on the first week, so why are we paying RM 99 only to get “proper connection” on the first week only.

    Streamyx sucked for sure, but P1 sucks harder because of their false promises and what not. I’m thinking of going back to my old flame but if i dont commit myself to P1 two year contract, what’s the worse can happen? like not paying the fine of rm999?!?

    p/s : i can always say they did not keep their part at the end of the bargain, so i can therefore forfeit my part.

    What u guys think

  • jingjer

    p1 subscriber here too.

    having the same problem like what others do.

    first month – full speed
    after 20gb – 400kbps
    second month – like above
    third month(now) – 80kbps (oh my god)

    going to pc fair this saturday. and try to see how they going to demo their internet speed.

    if someone ask me opinion about p1. i would said no (cos i still stuck for 1 year and 9 months bad service contract).

  • http://www.hugolim.com Hugo Lim

    “that’s not all, P1 give u the 20gb threshold is not for download only but dl and ul.”

    this is something that we need to really take note about! 20gb alone already skimmy enough! uploads bandwidth also accounted for???!!!!

  • http://www.hugolim.com Hugo Lim

    that’s the ugly truth behind it. the more you use, the more they throttle your connection.

    I’ll suggest you to install some bandwidth monitoring software so that you know how much did you really actually used before they start to throttle you again.

    it’s just for the sake of profit in the end of the day.

    let’s hope that more competition would bring down the cost and increases the quality over the time.

  • cool

    Hi, If you want to complain about P1 service, email to anushya.ramaiyah@packet-1.com. Their service is getting from bad to worse :(

  • Thomas

    I have been used P1 Wimax (1.2Mbps) for 3 months. I found that the service is really bad especially at night. Hardly to serve net even go to Google.com. Morning will be better, but just serve net, if login yahoo email ar, really slow like hell and sometime disconnected if the user login failed. My advice is, don’t be attracted to the advertisment, It mention how good how good but eventually you will suffer of using it…..

  • http://www.hugolim.com Hugo Lim

    thanks for your comment ya!

  • Algorithm2600

    I’ve been subscribing to P1W1max for over a little over two months now. My conclusion is that this provider both sucks and blows at the same time. I am subscribing to the 400 kbps package but on average I only get about 200 kbps. What really burns me the most is the way they do the advertisement like they own the show, you feel me? Like they own the whole industry or something. What a big pile of crap! I just feel like going back to that agent who sold me this crap and shove this modem up his ass.

  • Algorithm2600

    Dear P1buddy,
    First of all, you are nobody’s buddy since your company sucks big time. Secondly, I ain’t talking to you no more since I’ve been talking to you people ever since I first subscribed to your (lack of) service. Why don’t you guys just admit that there’s nothing you can do since your problem is systemic, which means the problem won’t simply go away just by sweet-talking to us with broken hopes and empty promises. If I were you I would hate myself for associating myself to the company, and getting paid by the hard-earned money that P1 squeezes out of the subscribers every month.

    I shall now suffer this pain of regret for subscribing to P1W1max…

  • p1 is a loser

    The most shitty ISP ever on earth……I jus called up them,their bloody so called technical service consultant dosent answer my question and keep putting me on hold without asking my consent.each time last for 8 mins at lest

    My problem was,my P1 could not use for the past 3 days, and I would like to have them rectified it and if so compensate me for the 3 days losses. Even though their service have never been satisfactory but i can still bear with it (2 to 3 lines signal since I subscribed to 9/2009,),but totally cut off this time…it is way too much ! Eventually it dint help much,the call lasted for 40 mins and with 20 mins listening to their “lovely P1 jingle”….Sweat

    when I refer to termination process,the fellow told me you have penalty charge and max is RM999 subject to’ the way you talk to them’ when you go to their P1 main building at jln 222… OMG

    doesn’t a customer deserve a better internet service and a professional manner of advising customer…i end the call by telling him,you are helpful in providing me the termination process,the rest None !!!!

    I come here to share is,becos I can bear for no more….

    P1 suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

  • Alex Leow

    I want to say that P1 Wimax Is A Shit Who Does Not Care About It’s Customers!
    I am very pissed off with P1.

    In August I signed up for P1 Wimax. I test runned it and within the week I found that it is not suitable for my purpose. I signed the cancellation document and told them to write the cheque to my wife or company because I do not have a bank account to deposit the refund cheque.

    Despite the cancellation procedure, I still get billed. I wrote back after a few billings to tell them off them up regarding their inefficiency.

    When no refund was forthcoming after the 45days was up and long after 90 days, I called customer service. Apparently there is no record of my cancellation. They probably lost my documents. They asked that I go to their office to settle this matter! (So I am being penalized for their crappy work)

    I told them I want their phone number to talk to the accounts department. The call centre refused to give me the number! They want me to go there! Not satisfied, I called my Vendor in Subang Jaya and apparently I was right in that they misplaced the document.

    Just few days ago, I got my cheque. Even then, they did not follow instructions despite me given WRITTEN instructions to that effect. It had my name on it and I already told them to put to my company’s or wife’s name.

    Of course that got me pretty mad. I would have been neutral but because they keep fucking up and delayed my refund, I got REALLY MAD.

    To me this is one FUCKED UP COMPANY who DO NOT CARE about CUSTOMER’S RELATIONS. The blocked us from reaching administration and customer service so that the directors can sit on their cushy chairs and let the customers be. I am totally pissed off!

  • P1ss

    Now the LED on the modem is always blinking in red – NO SIGNAL! What is wrong with this thing.

    It really is bull! Service is really REALLY bad! Speed is nowhere near satisfactory! The connection gets cut off every so often! And they dare make us sign up and bind us to a what now feels like a never-ending contract!

    And it really is funny to see a comment from ‘P1 Buddy’ offering help. Shut up already la. Mend the service and talk later. No wonder I don’t see the adverts anymore on TV. They know they screwed up big time. Wind up already and release us from the worst ever contract we’ve ever signed up for!!

  • PlsHelp

    I subscribe to P1 on Nov 2009. And the service suck. On Jan 2010, I had to moved back to my kampung due to economic reason. Previously I lived in Bandar Baru Sentul which was within coverage area. But now in my hometown there is no coverage area. I want to terminate P1 and talk to P1 agent. The agent said that the penalty is applicable (rm999) because in the contract the address that I am using is Bandar Baru Sentul.What such bullshit!

    What happen if I need to migrate to another country for a sudden, do i still need to pay rm999. P1 is stupid in its service and a fucked up company! I read in LowYat forum that an employee in P1 not paid salary of rm2000 due to the economic problem P1 is facing. Go figure lar, giving bad service and shitty RUDE customer service and wanting customer to pay u ka, go to HELL la!

    I urge that everyone subscribing P1 does not pay their monthly fee and make this company go bankrupt! How is with me?

    By the way, i am suing them (and thats the truth)!

  • server

    my p1 wimax cannot download until finish…
    why this happened to my wiggy ?

  • Lalala_lalala

    After reading all the comments, is it fair to say that streamyx is still the best in Malaysia?

  • azman

    yeah, streamyx is still the best in Malaysia. Lets welcome unifi too…

  • sueg cheng

    I am writing in regards to my horrible experience on the 21st May 2010 around 8.30pm with a Customer Service Supervisor based in your office in Jalan Templer.

    I came to the office because I was told by the Customer Service on the phone, that if I want to cancel my service without penalty, I have to do so at the office. So I went and a nice lady at counter 2 assist me unfortunately, she cannot make any decision so she called her supervisor- Casey. He walked out and when I started to explain to him why I want to cancel without paying penalty, he said he could not do anything but to charge me, I told him I am not going to pay especially I dont get the service at my location and he in turn (being a smart alack) said that you dont have to pay, but we will still charge you! I was taken aback, I got more angry and then he said I was uncivilized!!! Then I got even angrier when he kept repeating the same thing. Listen, I am not dumb, I heard him the first time, but I still want to cancel the service without paying the penalty. I asked if I could speak to anyone else who can make decision on charging me the penalty and he told me that he’s the one in charge and he can handle it. I called my dad to step in later, my dad asked him the same question- who is the person we CAN speak to to deal with this service and he said that the person is not here at the moment. My dad was annoyed with Casey for the way he talks but he knew that by talking to Casey, we will not go anywhere so we settle for the technician to come over to the house and check the service before terminating and we will talk to Casey’s boss in regards of his attitude.

    Anyway, before we left, he shook my dad’s hand and said thank you for talking to him like a person unlike some people and he looked at me! I was stunt!! First, he taunted me, then he insulted me and NOW, he said that I dont treat him like a person???? I was completely stunt, so I said excuse me?? asking for an explanation on why he’s rude, and he said to me, literally, to TALK TO THE HAND because he’s not listening??? What in the world??? I never come across such unprofessional service in MY LIFE!! I cannot understand how someone with that attitude can be a supervisor!! The other girl sitting next to him on counter 2, just laugh like this is a comic!! I cannot BELIEVE that P1 Wimax actually hired any tom dick and harry to handle customers! I believe that if Casey is NOT interested to be in the customer service line, why is he in it?? He is definitely NOT a Customer Service Officer material, let alone a supervisor!

    My questions is, if he cannot make decision, he should be truthful in the beginning and not when my dad asked him. It will make our lives alot easier if he can direct us to someone when I ask if he knew someone who can waive the penalty charges. His attitude is UNACCEPTABLE in the customer service line, WHY is he in this field if he’s not the Customer Service material. Why dont the person on the phone tell me to go to the office when they can handle themselves and tell me that the technician need to come and check in order to cancel??

    I want to cancel the service because I cannot receive the service in my location, although they say my place is a green area…. what bs.

  • sueg cheng

    same here!!

  • sueg cheng

    Absolutely correct!! I had a bad experience with these incompetent fucks!

  • sueg cheng

    Good for you!! I was told that you can terminate, but first, they need to send a technician to your place… why dont you ask them to send the technician to your kampung, then when they find out there’s no coverage, they HAVE to cancel your service… I have the same problem, and the technician is coming tomorrow… just a waste of time…

  • http://www.hugolim.com Hugo Lim

    Thanks for your very length and thorough story of yours. For sure this will serve as a “benchmark point” on how this particular service is going on be it on the coverage or on the customer service end.

    I guess it’s a painful steps that we need to go through to termination without paying penalty. The policy is one-sided!

    Hope you get your service terminated soon enough and without the charges or penalty or whatever they name it!

  • Axl

    My advice if you are not happy with your ISP, you can complain directly to MCMC. You can log in your complain in http://www.skmm.gov.my

    According to MCMC rules, every complain shall be reply or responded by the respective ISP.

    I made a complain to MCMC last year after I didnt not get a favourable reply from P1.

    After I lodged a complain with MCMC, the responded my complain effectively coz they were required to solve the issue within a week.

    I got 50% of the bills for 2 months after I lodged the complain. Now evertyime I made a complain, they will waived me 50%.

    You guys should know your right. Go and make a complain. ISP must give at least 70% of the promised speed.

  • Mango

    im a p1 user as well..
    before i subscribe the promoter said that my area which is nearby the p1 hq will have an excellent connection because it is very close to the emitter… but after i tried.. the connection sucks like hell.. with rm99 package 1.2k kbps.. the connection speed is much more slower compare to streamyx rm88… and now service termination fees are needed to terminate this service.. so to all guys that wanted or tend to subscribe p1.. my advice is don’t do it.. It will bring harm than benefit..

  • nic

    totally agree with you, i also encounter similar problems as yours with P1. i think the real disadvantages to us as a customers is that we have to tight up with the contract terms for at least one year before termination is allowed. and the penalty costs for not complying with their terms n conditions is extreamly high (RM999- ridiculous amount). I think Malaysian consumers have to learn to become wiser. we should read the terms and conditions of contract carefully before commiting ourselves to sign it rather than listening to all sort of fantastic story tellings created by promotional staffs and try to aware of the hidden clauses explicitly written in small fonts either in their contract or website- comp’s policy. my view is that p1 has dumped too much money in their well-designed plan marketing strategy instead of concentrating their efforts on the ways to upgrade internet services. additionally, all the complaints that we have posted seems to be ineffective and unaffected by them. the reason being simple, try read their terms and condition carefully, you guys will realised that they have excluded total liabilty from whatsoever damages and claimed cause to users. it is a sad things for us as one of their users since we cant get back the value for money we spend. But, it is even worse things for them since they cant win over ” us” – customer loyalty, which indeed will cause many negative implication in terms of their reputation and image in the near future.

  • Amy

    I’m been using since July 09 till now. U know how bad i’m facing the bad signal. Call service centre and talk to service technician so many time but the problem not been solved. They say want to upgrade the transmitter or what ever but nothing done. I have to wait until the contract expired before changing to other provider.

  • Guest

    For the moment P1’s signal has improved and the speeds have also gotten whole lot better. And since the coming of the combined LTE/Wimax speeds should get better for most other ppl too. The customer service has been responsive the few times that i have had to engage them. It is their policy that in order to cancel there is required a fee to be paid.

  • Felicia

    I am a P1 user and yea i’m agreed that their services actually didn’t work out sometimes because of slower speed and signal. I called up to them and found out actually i placed it at a wrong place. Modem should put at a right place that central location of the house and should some metal objects that mighty affect it signal. I’m so dumb last time placed it right beside the oven and crowed place. After removed it, found out the signal actually quite good and i still using it right now. I believe that their services will getting better because you can see them always comes out some new ideas and plan like voice plan that really i need it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GDFOEFSQZEK5VOECAWIF7DWDEE viki

    P1 services is so slow .
    not able to use the internet to download or to do the office work