Guide to 3G/Data on True Move H in Thailand

Guide to 3G/Data on True Move H in Thailand

Why True Move H?

It’s very easily available in 7-11.

What’s the packages available?

There are 2 types. Recurring and ala-carte.

For foreign visitor like us, it’s always wise to subscribe to the ala-carte / one-time-off subscription. And in case you finishes the quota allocated before the time expires, you can subscribe to monthly packages (it’s ok to overlap monthly with ala-carte but you can’t overlap ala-carte with another ala-carte).

Just remember to call to cancel off the monthly subscription when you are leaving the country!

Ala-carte (one time off)


Automatic Renewal (every 30 days)

Source: True Move

Useful Numbers

Turn internet on:  *902*1#
Turn internet off:  *902*2#
Top up to friend:  *123 * [14 digit top up card #] * [10 digit truemove #]
Change base rate promotion:  9305
Change language:  9304  (many SMS will still be in Thai anyway, but some of the voice menus may default to english)
iService *877#  The service menu is in thai.  Maybe there is some features that can be changed here.
Call center 1331 (3bt/call from any true sim).  This is great as I spent about 40 min when I called before (although we disconnected, the rep called back thankfully)
Self service *9399 (1bt/call).  I’m not sure how this differs from *9000 which is free.