Model Shooting: Debil, Abby and Eileen

Eileen, Debil, Abby

Well, I’m fortunate that Kelvin invited me for a model portrait shooting session last week. Finally I can somehow utilize my lenses that have since collecting dust (even inside the dry box!).

Introducing Elaine Eileen, Debil and Abby Ebby. I had a very hard time trying to remember and pronounce their names properly especially Debil’s. And I think I got some of their names spelled wrongly here too. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Nice to meet you all, girls! And here’s the photos as promised.

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Mr and Mrs Low

Spice garden (Batu Ferringhi) isn’t just about its spices only. It serves as a major photo-shooting choice for many of local folks as well as those from outstation. I was *ahem* honored to be able to do a couple photo-shoot session with my colleague earlier last week. The result….

Mr and Mrs Low


Shame to tell that this is my very first time covering couple photo shooting. There’s really lots to learn from this outing. Apart from being able to test my newly acquired reflector, I have learned a lot on how to coordinate the whole process. The next outing would be definitely better in photo quality, faster in shooting and setting-up and lighter in equipments carried.

Lots of thanks to Wendy for helping out in this photo shooting session. She fell sick one day after that due to dehydration. Some photos are taken by her too!

You may also want to view selected photos album at Facebook, otherwise, just click on any thumbnails here to get to the album.

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Sungai Palas Boh Tea Field

[svgallery name=”sungaiPalasBohTea2009″]

This is the very first time I step my foot on Sungai Palas Boh tea plantation field. It was a chaotic moment squeezing through the traffic up the highland and into the tea field in the long weekend. Traveling from point A to B that usually takes a 10minutes becomes a good devastating 1 hour. But never mind, the scenery really pay off!

This is my first time I created HDR Panorama too. There’s actually 3 variations made in processing these HDR panoramic. Tell me which one you like. Personally I love the first in the collection.

Hope you enjoy my collection on the tea field this time.

PS: Photos found here are released under Creative Common lisense. You may use them for personal purposes. Just give a credit/link back later on. Cheers.

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Penang Floral Festival 2009


Photographers! This is the time again!

Yes! It’s now on again this year! Penang Floral Festival, added into the Penang calender, it’s now an annual festive event.

This year, the Botanical Garden brought in 3 trams powered by 1300cc eco-friendly engine capable of moving about 30 people at a time. It is learned that the trams would be used to bring visitors for a stroll circling the park for a good relaxed 15 minutes. As part of the effort to move people around better for the event, they are now commissioned to fetch people from designated car park to the event location.

Tram ride and poser

In order to serve the increasing crowd to the festival, Tram ride is introduced to help transporting visitors from nearby carpark. The route served is from the car park near the exit of youth park to the entrance of Botanical Garden. Adults are charged 1 ringgit per ride and children can enjoy half the rate.

Red yellowish Chrysanthemum Pink orchid Red orchid Pink orchid Florish! Flowers It's in its 'root', the winning bonsai

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Surely there’s a lot to see and learn from the event. It’s not just about flowers, there’s also educational booths set up for the young (and adults too!) to learn more about mother nature! It’s now on from 31 May 2009 to 7 June 2009. Visit the official website for more information.

I’ll see if I can make myself free during the period, I’ll want to shoot more photos! It ain’t gonna be enough! Never! Hope you enjoy the photos I took.

Location of the event after the jump!

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Queensbay Model Search 2009

I’m lucky to be at the right place, right time with the right tools last week when I shopped at Queensbay Mall last Saturday. Here we go, Queensbay Mall Model Search 2009 Charity Fashion Show

Henry Golding

Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8L at 200mm, f/3.2 1/640 ISO400

Henry Golding

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